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Leadville Flying Club


Join our flying club and gain access to aircraft for rent or training in the mountians of Colorado.

Who Is The Club For?

The Flying Club exists for students, pilots, and aviation enthusiasts. If you are a private pilot, this is an excellent way to have access to a plane without the neverending cost of ownership. It is a great way to keep current and turn those long road trips into short flights and really explore.

Mountain Flying Course

Flying in the Mountains of Colorado is a challenging task for any pilot, from changing weather conditions to tall 14,000 foot peaks, learning some aditional insight from experienced Mountain pilots can always helpful. If you are a private pilot and want to take a mountain flying course, our instructors are happy to assist with making that happen.

Visit Us

If you are a private pilot and have never flown in the mountains and are traveling through Leadville, hit us up and we can try to get you up with a cfi to at least get your landing in at the highest airport in north america

Contact us for membership

Please email Tom Charles This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 970 389 5686 if you would like more information.