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Small Team of
Aviation Professionals

All of our club members, students, instructors share a passion for flying and learning. It is super fun to be involved with a group that is always willing to fly and learn with each other.

The Leadville Flying Club

Feet Above Sea Level
Dedicated Professionals

Tom Charles

Club President

I got my private pilots license in 2021 by driving to denver and I wanted to have the option for something closer for my friends and family to learn how to fly as well, so I started this flying club.

There is also a big pool of private pilots that love to fly, but the cost of aircraft ownership is sometimes not obtainable, so joining a flying club is much more economical. The leadville airport itself is super unique being the highest elevation airport in the US, so it attracts many fellow aviators who want to say they have landed in leadville.

Come Visit Us in Leadville Colorado

Check out the highest airport in North America and get an official landing certificate

We Love What We Do

Being part of a group with learning students and seasoned professional is a great atmosphere to be a part of.
  • „A person that never made a mistake, never tried anything new“
    Albert Einstein

    Join the club,
    Learn to Fly in the Rocky Mountains
    Enjoy the best views of Colorado!