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Leadville Colorado

The Leadville Flying Club
The Leadville Flying Club


A community of enthusiasts

Embark on your aviation journey with Leadville Flying Club, where the skies meet the Rockies, and adventure takes flight. Our club, based at the scenic Leadville Airport, is not just a flying club—it's a community of enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of flight instruction, scenic tours, and a camaraderie that celebrates the thrill of the open sky.

Are you an aspiring pilot eager to spread your wings? Look no further. Leadville Flying Club is your gateway to comprehensive flight instruction tailored to your needs. We take pride in providing local training opportunities, eliminating the need to venture to Denver. Experience the incredible opportunity to learn to fly in the serenity of Leadville, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and minimal air traffic.

Join us in the cockpit and explore the skies through our scenic tours, where the beauty of the Rockies unfolds beneath you. Navigate our booking calendar to plan your next adventure or training session. At Leadville Flying Club, we're not just teaching people to fly; we're fostering a passion for aviation in an environment as extraordinary as the journeys we embark upon.

Ready for takeoff? Clear skies and boundless horizons await you at Leadville Flying Club!

Leadville Flight Club

Flight Training

Discover the thrill of flight through our exceptional flight training programs at Leadville Flying Club.

Our experienced and dedicated instructors are committed to guiding aspiring pilots on their journey to becoming confident aviators. Whether you're taking your first steps into the cockpit or advancing your skills, our locally-based training eliminates the need to travel to Denver, providing a convenient and picturesque backdrop for your aviation education. With a focus on personalized instruction, Leadville Flying Club offers an unparalleled opportunity to master the skies in an environment that blends professionalism with the breathtaking beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Elevate your skills, build lasting connections, and achieve your aviation dreams with us.


Both of our rental planes have amazing glass panel cockpits. The situational awareness is amazing with the real time moving maps and modern avionics.


The importance of communication between aircraft and air traffic control (ATC) cannot be overstated. With variable weather conditions and modern concerns like increasing traffic, the ability to request and relay information is as integral to aviation now as the principles that cause lift.


You will enjoy the soaring feeling through the mountains with pushing the throttle.

Fly Be free

There is no feeling like the freedom to sore through the air and go wherever you want to go.
Leadville Flying CLub
Leadville Flight Club

Scenic Tours

Club Membership NOT Reqired

  • Discovery flights - 1 hour - $200 per flight.
  • Scenic Flights - $275 per hour for two people.